Get REAL help for the cost of your daily coffee. When the player is participating in battle, they can access their Emote collection by tapping the ellipsis speech bubble at the bottom left corner of the screen

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  1. Emotes are used as a means or response in Twitch chats windows
  2. File:Galaxies Stage 2 Gold Hauntling Emote
  3. 3 Caustic 2
  4. 13 Rampart 2
  5. The only difference is that Two-Person Emotes need a target
  6. e·mot·ed , e·mot·ing , e·motes To express
  7. (895) Sale Price $3
  8. 1
  9. Within the Emote Code field, choose a name for your emote (e
  10. cheer- This emote causes you to cheer